Launched in 2017, Buddha Box was created to instill peace and calm in every space. Buddha Box harnesses the power of easy to use wellness tools, like Himalayan Salt Lamps, Rose Quartz and essential oil aromatherapy sprays to deliver a calming, restorative effect. Buddha Box began when founder Maren was practicing reiki at Brigham and Women’s hospital in Boston, MA. Each week she noticed a lack of warmth in the hospital rooms which patients spend so much time in. This observance was the beginning of what is now Buddha Box. Maren introduced wellness staples to make a drastic improvement in a clinical space, stark overhead lights are replaced with the warm glow of the salt lamp, a spray of lavender on the pillow calms tensions and Rose Quartz brings comfort in stressful moments. Though Buddha Box began in the hospital Maren quickly came to realize Buddha Box is the perfect fit for all environments, offices, bedrooms, nurseries, we all need more peace. Each Buddha Box is curated with intention to transform all spaces and with altruism at our core, for every box sold, a portion of proceeds are donated to create Buddha Boxes for patients at Brigham and Women’s hospital. Each box is created by founder Maren in Beacon Hill, Boston with her pup Cecilia by her side.