Buddha Babe

Buddha Babe


A Buddha Box designed for mamas and their babes. Buddha Babe is intended to create a peaceful space which nurtures both mama and her babe. A nursery is a place of love and healing and Buddha Babe offers wellness pieces which create a calm environment to support much needed sleep and relaxation. Mamas who have received Buddha Boxes love keeping their Salt Lamps plugged on all night as it gives off the perfect light for checking in on their babe. Buddha Babe includes:

  • Buddha Babe Onesie: The lightweight material is soft on newborns and is easy to layer on top of. Inseam snaps allow for easy diaper access. 100% cotton jersey 6-12 months.

  • Dream Catcher: This precious dream catcher eases little ones to sweet dreams, nap time never looked more peaceful. For the safety of little ones, do not hang within reach. (10 in).

  • Himalayan Salt Lamp: the ideal lighting for late nights in the nursery. Salt lamps are air purifying through the ionization process, which, in turn, helps to improve air quality, breathing, immune system and sleep… what could be more important for a new mama and her babe? Salt Lamps vary in size and weight ranging from 5-7 inches and 6-7 pounds.

  • Rose Quartz Bracelet: Rose quartz promotes peace and healing, the perfect accessory for every new mama.

  • Buddha Box Aromatherapy Essential Oil Sprays are free of alcohol, toxins, parabens and preservatives. Whether used throughout the day or just before bed, the calming, restorative power of aromatherapy is available here as an essential oil spray. To use spritz 2-3 sprays directly on face and body, also use on pillows and linens. All sprays are handmade in Boston, MA.

    • Lavender Essential Oil Spray: this herb creates a calming, soothing and relaxing effect. We suggest spraying on pillows before sleep for sweet dreams. Key ingredients: purified water, organic lavender essential oil. (2oz).

    • Rose Essential Oil Spray: this flower is known to uplift and energize, we suggest spraying when a little pick me up is needed. Key ingredients: purified water, organic rose essential oil. (2oz).

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