Buddha Box

Buddha Box


These pieces have been thoughtfully selected to create a sensory experience which improves the energy of the space the Buddha Box is set up in. Buddha Boxes are often sent for birthdays, house warming presents, as a pick me up, or for a show of support. The Buddha Box includes:

  • Himalayan Salt Lamp: sourced from the western side of the Himalayan Mountains in the Punjab region of Pakistan, the Himalayan Salt Lamp is visually pleasing, giving off a soothing glow. Negative ions released by salt lamps combat the positive ions in your environment. Salt lamps are thought to be air purifying through the ionization process, which, in turn, helps to improve air quality, breathing, your immune system and even your sleep. Salt Lamps vary in size and weight ranging from 5-7 inches and 6-7 pounds. Salt lamps can be left on 24 hours a day and will release a bit of condensation in humid months, this is expected and is a sign that your salt lamp is authentic. We suggest placing a plate below your salt lamp to catch the condensation.

  • Rose Quartz: a crystal known for lowering stress and tension in the heart. Rose Quartz brings tangible comfort. It is a stone of healing, compassion and universal love. It is a light pink shade ethically sourced in Brazil. Each Buddha Box includes three pieces of the stone and a small pouch to keep them safe.

  • Evil Eye: a cross cultural symbol of good luck and protection from bad vibes, Evil Eyes are often spotted throughout Greece and Turkey. Legend has it that if ill will is sent your direction the Evil Eye blocks it from entering your space. Our Buddha Box Evil Eyes are imported from Turkey, are made of stunning glass, weigh about one pound and measure five inches.

  • Buddha Box Aromatherapy Sprays are free of alcohol, toxins, parabens and preservatives. Whether used throughout the day or just before bed, the calming, restorative power of aromatherapy is available here as an essential oil spray. To use spritz 2-3 sprays directly on face and body, also use on pillows and linens. All sprays are handmade in Boston, MA.

  • Peace Spray: lavender has a calming, soothing and relaxing effect. We suggest spraying on pillows before sleep for sweet dreams. Key ingredients: purified water, organic lavender essential oil. (2oz).

  • Cleanse Spray: sage is known to cleanse the energy of a space, we suggest spraying after stressful moments or when moving into a new house or apartment. Key ingredients: purified water, organic clary sage essential oil. (2oz).

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