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Michael Acton SmIth: Founder of Calm mEDITATION App

‘Buddha Box is a great idea and beautifully packaged.’ (San Francisco, CA)

Jasmine o.

‘I sent a Buddha Box to a friend who is going through chemo and this was the note I got.... Wow, I just got the Buddha box, I love everything in it. It will truly help keep me peaceful! Thank you so much for your support. I hope to see you soon. Just wanted to let you know that people in Cleveland are happier and calmer because of you.’ (Cleveland, OH)


‘Buddha Box is a kind, thoughtful and unique gift for anyone or as a treat to yourself! There are so many positive benefits to everything included in each box. The world could use a little more peace... so don't hesitate, share the love!’ (Denver, CO)

sEAN t.

‘A special gift from a company driven by an incredible mission and founder. I loved sponsoring a box of peaceful goodies for a patient at Brigham and Women's Hospital with my purchase. Also, I recently bought my first Buddha Babe which went down a treat with my friends who are new parents. Congratulations to Maren and her team for bringing Buddha Box into the world, we all need more peace in our lives!’ (Boston, MA)

Petie G.

‘The Buddha Box I ordered was delivered in a timely manner and the recipients were thrilled with the gift basket. I will definitely send more gifts to friends who need tranquility in their lives.’ (Winooski, VT)

nEIL r.

‘The Buddha Box I ordered was delivered in a timely manner and the recipients were thrilled with the gift basket. I will definitely send more gifts to friends who need tranquility in their lives.’ (Brooklyn, NY)

Sylvia R.

‘I love Buddha Box! I’ve bought a couple for friends and also for my son’s school fundraiser. I love that it’s a perfect gift (who doesn’t love some more zen in their life?) but I also always tack on a free box for someone who is in the hospital for cancer. It’s just the best all around.’ (Brooklyn, NY)


‘I brought my Buddha box to work, and whenever I am feeling stressed, I spray my sage and lavender and feel an instant relief! Plus, my desk is spruced up :) Great gift for family and friends! Would recommend.’ (Boston, MA)

Adriana H.

'I got a Buddha Box as a gift to a dear friend of mine who was going through a transition. When sending gifts, I feel like I have to choose to get them something materialistic or experience based, and with this Buddha Box I felt like I didn't need to choose. It is filled with wonderful things to look at as well as items that are wonderful for your soul. Not only was did I get good service but it was also arrived very fast! I am very pleased with this purchase, I would recommend to anyone.' (San Francisco, CA)

Isabelle G.

'Absolutely obsessed with this thoughtful gift. I spray the essential oil lists day and night, such a calming start and end to the day. The salt lamp is so big, can't believe it comes as part of the package. It gives off a lovely, soft light that transforms a space.' (Boston, MA)

Laurie H.

'What I love about Buddha Box is the beauty and simplicity of the message 'send peace'. When I present Buddha Box as a gift I love the reaction. I relive the same experience I had when I opened my first Buddha Box. This is a gift of love, compassion and understanding that calms us at the time in our lives when we need love and compassion. Watch the reaction... first the packaging and then as each piece is pulled out of the box the look of gratitude and understanding that we are all searching for peace.' (Buffalo, NY)

Jean M.

'My Buddha Box was a gift of peace from a dear friend. I highly recommend the Buddha Box and the soothing intentions it carries!' (Chicago, IL)

Cheri S.

'It is such a lovely gift to have received at a time when I had, literally, come to a full stop in my life. As you might know, it's been a rough year at our house both emotionally and physically with my broken foot. The Buddha Box helped to create a comforting space to spend time healing. I spent a great deal of time with my foot elevated at home. I can only imagine how much more effective the lamp is when the room isn't cozy at all. Thank you for bringing such comfort to so many. I'm so pleased to be able to light your light here in Wisconsin. Namaste.' (La Crosse, Wisconsin)